Expert Underfloor Heating Fitters from Dragon

Why Choose Underfloor Heating?

Expert Underfloor Heating Fitting Service from Dragon.Underfloor heating is a less unobtrusive and more energy efficient way of heating your property than conventional convection systems or radiators.

The heating system is entirely concealed in the floor of the property and radiates natural heat evenly throughout the room, ensuring that there are no cold spots or excessively hot spots. Giving you the freedom to re-position furniture as you please without worrying about radiator positions.

There are generally two types of underfloor heating systems, one being electric, known as the “dry” system and one water filled which is labelled the wet system.

Dragon underfloor heating fitters specialises in water(wet) underfloor heating as it is typically more heat efficient and cost effective than the electric systems.

“The cost of the underfloor heating is on a par with traditional radiators and you can save on running costs by 25%.”

Installation of underfloor heating systems in combination with liquid screed is a quick and cost effective way to get your home in floor heating system up and running and is equally as cost effective for larger commercial properties also.

No Need for Multiple Contractors with Dragon Underfloor Heating Fitters!

Dragon supply and install all the heating system pipework and the thermostat controls, we can also provide liquid screed finishing if required to effectively level the floor and cover the pipework. The levelled screed floor can then be covered with either laminate flooring, carpets or tiles depending on your preference.

“At Dragon Underfloor Heating & Screed we can offer a one stop package deal where we install your water underfloor heating and screed in one day for smaller properties and 2 to 3 days for larger properties.”

“You no longer need to worry about having to deal with several contractors as we provide the entire flooring solution!