Liquid Floor Screed

What is Liquid Floor Screed?

Liquid screed is fast application self levelling floor screed that is often used to cover underfloor heating pipework before the chosen flooring is fitted, it is the ideal floor levelling alternative to traditional cement screeds. It is quick to apply, requires less manual labour & can be walked upon 24-48 hours after application.

Liquid screed also conducts heat more efficiently than cement screeds so is the perfect way to finish a floor that has underfloor heating.

How is Liquid Screeding Done?

Liquid screed is pumped to a datum set by laser levels to ensure that the finish is level and achieves SR2. Flowing screed can be applied at a lesser depth than sand and cement, and can take foot traffic in 24 to 48 hours. The screed is pumped into place so there is less risk of damage from wheelbarrows and it is easier to place the screed on floors above ground level.

The liquid screed can be pumped in to the room early in the build process allowing a longer time for drying, enabling carpenters to fix against a finished floor screed level.

Liquid Screeding
“We are approved screeding contractors for companies such as Lafarge, Cemex, Hogan & Tarmac. We provide self levelling liquid screeds as well as traditional sand and cement screeds.”

Key Benefits of using Floor Screed

  • Heating systems can be commissioned in accordance with BS1264:2001-4 clause 4.4, as early as 7 days after application of screed
  • Excellent thermal conductivity & minimal thermal expansion (0.012mm/Mk)
  • Reduced screed depth compared to traditional sand cement mix minimising heat storage
  • Extremely low shrinkage – does not curl which minimises the risk of cracking
  • Increased productivity – 500-1000m2 per day can be easily achieved
  • Produced to a controlled flowable consistency to fully encompass in-floor heating pipes
  • Elimination of air voids resulting in uniform heat transfer and maximised thermal efficiency of the underfloor heating system
  • No curing required and ready for foot traffic in 24-48 hours
  • Does not require reinforcement

Sand & Cement Screed

A sand and cement mix is the traditional way to screed floors, and can be reinforced with Polypropylene Fibres (PPF).Unlike liquid screeds, sand and cement screed drying times vary according to weather conditions, screed depth and the mix used.

  • Can be supplied in a ready-mix form or site mixed using a forced action mixer
  • Just like liquid screeds, sand or cement screed can be pumped into areas that are difficult to access or upper floors of buildings
  • If thermal or acoustic properties are required, suitably reinforced sand and cement screeds can be laid over most types of rigid insulation or thin sound deadening quilts
“A traditional solution that is suitable for a variety of applications”
Sand & Cement Screed

Self Levelling Liquid Screed

Self-levelling screeds are applied in a liquid form which smoothes itself out over a given area. These quick-laying screeds are less labour intensive and offer faster drying times than alternative materials, which helps developers speed up the construction timetable.

These protein-free formulations can be laid at reduced thicknesses compared to semi-dry screeds, which delivers reduced shrinkage, superior compressive strengths and impressive thermal conductivity in conjunction with underfloor heating.

Not only do they meet the BS 8204-7 standard for screeds, but the fact that they are also free from Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) helps to significantly reduce the carbon emissions generated by large-scale flooring projects.

Self levelling and self compacting with very fast installation times!
Self-Levelling Screed

Fast-Drying Renovation Screeds

Fast drying screeds or ‘accelerated screeds’ are ideal for projects that have only a small window of time in which to complete the application, usually because the floor needs to be trafficked or overlaid quickly.

Fast drying screed normally consists of a specialist liquid hydraulic binder that is added to the screed mix or is provided as a pre bagged cement replacer. Both these types promote increased drying times.

They also have the benefit of being stronger with higher compressive strengths. Another bonus with fast drying screeds is that you can ‘traffic’ them quicker without having to wait for 7 days.

Ideal for projects with tight timescales!
Renovation Floor Screed

Fast Drying Cement based Flowing Screed – (Belitex Screed C or Cemfloor)

A pump applied, free flowing cement based screed that can be laid quickly, trafficked after just 24-48 hours and dries within 14-21 days.

The Fast Drying Cement based Screed is a solution that provides you flexibility in installation and your overall build programme.
The benefits of using Fast Drying Cement based Screeds include:

  • Hugely reduced drying times
  • Fast and easy installation
  • High strength and lower depths
  • Low shrinkage and quality

The Fast Drying Cement based Screeds provides a smooth level surface in both domestic and commercial buildings prior to the application of floor finishes.

Very fast to install, self levelling & self compacting!

Concrete Screed

Our self-compacting, concrete screed is available in a variety of mixes, suitable for any strength and application. The concrete mixes can be produced with or without fibres and can easily have mesh reinforcement incorporated if required by the application.

The properties of the concrete allow for a high surface tolerance with volumes of 100m³ per day comfortably achieved and laid.

The concrete floor screed is laid using a traditional Boom Pump or Roline Pump from the Dragon Concrete Pumping fleet.

“A highly versatile floor screed solution!”
Concrete Floor Screed


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